Xbox 360 IS 1080p native

After getting word of Sony's comments Microsoft told GameDaily BIZ that contrary to the SCEA statement, "The facts are that with this software update, video and game content developed for 1080p will be output at 1080p -- native, not upscaled. Only content developed for lower resolutions will be upscaled."

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NextGen24Gamer5853d ago

That picture is freakin hilarious. I know I'm not a Microsoft exec...but I been told everyone that. Sony fans and Sony as a company is in denial. MS cought them by surprise...With a right cross to the chin. Its over folks. I'm so serious. Its really over.

drewdrakes5853d ago

Im happy i found it and was the one to post it lol. And i agree, that picture is hilarious.

Silverwolf5853d ago

I guess all they have now is "yea but we have BR and HDMI". That'll be till the cable come out, then they look for something else to justify there purchase.

drewdrakes5853d ago

This isnt even the best news, check the pending, if you own an xbox 360. Although im happy ms set this straight

pRo loGic II5853d ago

Cool! fanboys are still fighting in the first thread on the 1080p BS.

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The story is too old to be commented.