First Senran Kagura Burst scans

Take a look at the first scans of Senran Kagura Burst from Famitsu.

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Snookies122401d ago

Oh Japan... We love you...

Hisiru2400d ago (Edited 2400d ago )

*fap fap fap fap fap fap*

rezzah2400d ago

boobs look like theyll fly right off her chest.

The after image?

That description I'll leave to you.

Venox20082400d ago

Oh man, they are getting a sequel and we even didn't get a first one! what a shame :) I really want both :)

Smashbro292400d ago

I tell ya, the next 3DS better be region free. Not even for this garbage, for the good stuff like that SEGA Capcom Namco game.

Venox20082400d ago

there's a chance that Capcom x Namco x Sega game will be localised, but yeah, I would like region free 3DS... WHERE THE HELL IS NANO ASSAULT for EUROPE!?!?

Lucretia2400d ago

To bad this wont come state side, gameplay looks fun besides the boobs.

but since the dumb 3ds is region locked we get to miss out on all the games that dont make it here