Snow, Valfodr coming to Final Fantasy XIII-2 coliseum

The latest challengers to enter Final Fantasy XIII-2‘s coliseum are Snow Villiers and Valfodr, this week’s Famitsu has revealed.

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VsAssassin3386d ago

Not sounding bitter or hateful or anything, but this game has really succumbed to DLCs. Good things is I haven't bought the game yet, so if there's going to be a more complete version, I'd get that instead.

FACTUAL evidence3386d ago

The complete version should of just been a good version of FF13 and that's it.

Ilovetheps53386d ago

I found the game for $10 so I decided to buy it. I was not going to buy it for full price though. The amount of DLC for this game is outrageos.

Kamikaze1353386d ago

Makes you wonder how much DLC they'll release for Versus XIII.

iamtehpwn3386d ago

To be honest, For a lot you above who haven't bought this game yet, the game itself is complete enough to not really need any DLC. The DLC is nothing more than costumes and coliseum fights. There has only been 1 story DLC and it wasn't even worth buying (even then, it was only $5).

The only DLC I plan on buying is next month's Lightning Episode. There is a LOT of content on disc already.

Lucretia3386d ago

game is alot of fun tho. and i just buy the dlc i want. like 4 of the dlc's are just the preorder incentives which are all useless.

the others are ok depending, I think lightning and commander dlc is good, Jihl dlc is good and gilgamesh. Maybe some outfits.

sahz episode sucks though.

Julie3386d ago (Edited 3386d ago )

I stopped playing this game when i got the message "you must buy the card DLC to be able to play this minigame" on the casino.

I mean just don't put the gametable ingame , why do you put that thing ingame...just for to show me that message?

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VsAssassin3386d ago (Edited 3386d ago )

My friend jokingly responded to my question (Have you played FFXIII-2?) with "I'm sorry, did you say, "FFDLC-XIII-too?"

Kenshin_BATT0USAI3386d ago

If they're going to be doing so much dlc, it'd be nice if they had more variety in the coliseum battles that are all won via the exact same strategy of saboteurs, then ravengers, then Commandos, repeat.

Maybe they can release more dlc that isn't costumes as well. Like something that adds to the story? Maybe some lightning segments?

catfrog3386d ago

the only coliseum battle i have is omega, im glad i got one for free so i could know not to buy any of the others. nothing comes with these, theyre single battles that you repeat over and over to get a new character to grind lol

im still waiting for some dlc that actually matters, these ones just seem to be adding hours by adding grinding

Kenshin_BATT0USAI3386d ago

Yeah, it's not even much grinding either, at least with grinding there's some sort of purpose, these bosses aren't even that good for your party.

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