Samsung 3D TV Gaming Capabilities Underwhelm, Nauseate

Kotaku writes: "At CES, Samsung is showing off the "World's First 3D Ready Plasma TV" complete with three-dimensional versions of Madden NFL 08 and Need For Speed ProStreet. After watching another CES attendee take the Samsung-and its required 3D goggles-for a spin, seemingly walking away unimpressed, I decided to take the wheel. After picking my Volkswagen GT and hitting the track, the goggle shutters kicked in, going into full 3D mode".

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socomnick3933d ago

what a coincidence I just bought Night of the living dead 3d
and it also underwhelms.

mighty_douche3933d ago

3D always underwhelms.... personally ive always hated it, even the 3D rides at Universal Studio's are "ok" at best.

socomnick3933d ago

The only 3d that has ever impressed me was Imax 3d I watched some Mark Twain movie there in 3d as a child and even that boring movie impressed me. Theres 2 different types of 3d red and blue type and polarizing I think polarizing is the good one.