OXCGN’s Gears of War 3: Forces of Nature DLC Review- Forecast: Bloody with a chance of earthquakes


"For any fan of Gears of War the prospect of new DLC is an exciting one indeed.

The Forces of Nature map pack certainly adds a few things that make it worth looking at. Included in the bundle are 5 new maps, four new character skins and a whopping 250 gamerscore points to add to your tally.

As the DLC’s name suggests, there are a few surprises from the weather in each map that add a little excitement but unfortunately not a whole lot of change to the actual game play.
That being said, the weather effects are still fantastic and add a special something to each of the maps.

Here’s a quick description of each map and a tip or two to get you started."

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gaminoz2402d ago

I love the idea of environmental effects during the multi. Hopefully they expand on that in future games so that the 'earthquakes' etc. have an impact on play as well as on atmosphere.

BadCircuit2402d ago

Some good maps in there for the 800 points. Better than some other DLC I've seen for shooters out there...

coolbeans2402d ago

- Dynamic weather effects and now new goodies are fun to use.

- Raven Down....are you kidding me? Explain to me who thought remaking the smallest map from Gears 1 would be a good idea. Remember: Gears 1 was only 4 v 4 back then and was considered a cluster****.