60° Deal of the Week: April 17th, 2012 – The Witcher 2 For $45, PS3 Systems $20 Off

To be fair, the actual Deal of the Week is Radiant Historia for $5 off, but that really isn’t much of a deal so we won’t really count it. The other sales they currently have going on though are $20 off select PS3 systems and $15 off The Witcher 2: Assassin’s of Kings Enhanced Edition for Xbox 360.

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TrendyGamers2400d ago

Good price for the Witcher 2.

BringingTheThunder2400d ago

$5 off a game is a deal of the week?

TrendyGamers2400d ago

Yeah, I found that a little strange.

godzilla722400d ago

I found the reckoning far superior to the witcher 2.

Captain Qwark 92400d ago

LMAO i hope your not talking about kingdom of amalur reckoning????

godzilla722399d ago (Edited 2399d ago )

Is that why it scored smuch higher ratings? Todd McFarlane even did the work for the characters. Much brighter, better world, more diversity, way better environments. Witcher 2 is all drab looking towns and repetetive dungeons.

Thats better to you? Maybe you are just into subpar games, lol. Theres a reason it got such a big price reduction after 1 day, because no ones buying it. Face the facts.

Captain Qwark 92399d ago (Edited 2399d ago )

well lets see....for starters its about 7% lower on so no it didnt score higher. second i dont need to cite others opinions, i bought both, played kingdoms and lost interest after around 15 hrs. now granted im only a few hrs into the witcher, but the story is already far more interesting. now whats wrong with kingdom?

combat is just okay
voice acting is meh
story is just okay
too much loot, there should be a healthy balance, getting new armor every 2 sec thats worse than yours 90% just gets annoying and has you in the menus too often
with all that loot, why so little inventory space? even upgraded you still cant carry much
side quest are all just okay as well
stories are often hard to follow
game is easy as hell even on hard
character models dont look as good as the environments

despite all that, its still a decent game but its not even close to the witcher 2 which has an engaging story, great graphics, better more tactical combat, hard as hell, etc.....

godzilla722398d ago (Edited 2398d ago )

Combat was voted the best for any RPG of all time! It set the bar for that! Who plays a game for voice? I play for the gameplay and the world and Reckoning completely immersed me in it.

It was even praised for its side missions, unlike the same worthless repetitive side quests in Skyrim! I sold that game after putting loads of hours into it and getting nowhere.

Reckoning felt right and im still playing it. To each his own i guess, game was great for me and pretty picky! 9.0 vs 8.5 on ign, they even preferred it! lol

ceiltsei2400d ago

Darn Canadians get all the good deals. I am sitting down here, in the wheverevericouldbethatsdownbel ow, with no deals, no poutine.

I think I might just shoot myself.