Dark Souls: Prepare to Die Edition Preview | Cheatcc

It’s official; Dark Souls is coming to PC. While in Las Vegas last week, we were given a chance to sit down with a couple of
the guys from FromSoftware and learn a few details about this new version of the game.

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cynosure2376d ago

Will be so nice to play this 60 fps and 1080p

h311rais3r2376d ago

Who would disagree with that lol. Butthurt console fangirls...

caboose322376d ago

Unless they put a 30 fps cap on the game, that would be a shame.

cynosure2376d ago

"So what extras can PC players expect? First of all, there will be at least four additional bosses and three new NPCs. Also, the world is getting slightly bigger, with the addition of two or three new maps. On top of all that is an additional online stage, though FromSoftware was quite clear that the single-player element (with its minimal amount of interactivity with other players) would still be the main focus of the new content. Of course, all these numbers are rough estimates, and the final counts on all these things are yet to be determined."

Sounds good