Dead Space 3 Leaked by BT Games

It seems Dead Space 3 is official. Video game retailer BT Games has leaked the game and is currently taking pre-orders.

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DeadSpaced4425d ago

Seems a little ambitious. However, this make me very excited!

TekoIie4425d ago (Edited 4425d ago )

Sounds a little ambitious??? The article didnt even talk about ANY in game features so i dont get whats so ambitous...

This website is basically just saying "hey we'll take pre orders for it, and if it exists then we leaked it OFFICIALLY first"

sly-Famous4425d ago

BT Games are very rarely wrong, they were right the move when it came and they are right about GOW4, they even have it on their pre-oder list, so their is no reason to start doubting them now.

TekoIie4425d ago (Edited 4425d ago )


Because one website saying "hey it exists" is now a legitimate proof that a game exists... Has God of war 4 been announced yet??? NO. So they're basically pulling the same stunt with that.

Seriuosly how gullible are people being? We know the game will come out but this website has very little credibility for its claim...

Also when were they right sly? Because atm they cant be right or wrong since they're basically just looking for people to visit their site by throwing out a fake "announcement"...

chadachada1234424d ago

Reminds me of the guy who had a pre-order for Duke Nukem Forever from TEN YEARS AGO. Gamestop honored it, too, and then Gearbox sent the dude some free swag.

Of course they're making Dead Space 3, but a company taking pre-orders alone doesn't inherently mean anything.

Patriots_Pride4424d ago (Edited 4424d ago )

I am excited but sad at the same time.

Excited because Dead Space is the only horror game that makes me feel like I actually playing a scary game and not a action game (RE5).

Sad because it might come out on these dinosaur consoles which hold back gaming because of ram issues.

Edit: Assassins Creed will benefit allot next gen - UBI have done an excellent job with the graphics and scale of the world but the limitation are now showing which is why I will skip the next AC.

DeadSpaced4424d ago

I was really hoping it would come out on the next-gen consoles. Imagine games like Assassins creed 3, Crysis 3, and Dead Space 3 on a next-gen console.

cjflora4424d ago

Skipping out on AC3 just because you feel that the current consoles are getting limited by their hardware is probably the worst excuse I've ever heard for skipping a game. While games may be starting to get limited by the hardware, you also have to consider that developers have gotten very familiar with the current consoles and finding ways to optimize them as much as possible. This means that technically AC3 be better than its predecessors, which I think would make for a better argument to not play the older games vs the newer games.

Convas4425d ago (Edited 4425d ago )

Yes. YES. Oh, and YES!!!

I know it's coming, it's just a matter of time. 2013 release is a given.

Felinox4425d ago

Next gen launch title please. I wanna see crazy amounts of on screen necromorphs with sweet lighting and shaders...

dirthurts4424d ago

I agree. I'll wait.
This gen is tapped out.
Dead Space is one of those games where graphics actually makes it better. Shadows, ambiance, character deformation, etc etc.

jbiz3204424d ago

not gonna happen silly. 2013 is gonna be a banner year for AAA video games and 2014 (when xbox and playstation will likely release) will more than likely be as dry of a year for video games as 2005 was.

VanillaBear4425d ago (Edited 4425d ago )

Please don't screw this game up and ruin the franchise like Capcom did with RE5

They just need to take the tacked on co-op out and maybe turn down the action a little bit.

I loved DS2 but it wasn't as scary as the ishimura in the first game. The bright lights from the outside/sprawls lights/shopping center neon signs and a open enviroment made it less scary in my opinion.

I hope they still have Ellie in the game, they need someone to keep Issac company on his missions, maybe they could let us play Ellie in some levels, and make the gameplay more challening like how she dosen't wear armor could make her more vunable adding a huge survival hoprror element to it. Hope she could get her eye fixed though, the eye patch was kind of distracting, it's set in the future, I'm sure a robotic eye would be available.

<Small Spoiler>

I think the return to the ishimura was the best level in DS2

wiggles4425d ago

I agree that DS2 wasn't as scary as the first, and I agree with your choice in level.

I wouldn't mind if they put in the co-op as an option only. I had fun blasting zombies with my buddy in RE5. But if I am playing alone, it should make me alone.

grifter0244425d ago

You want a survival horror game that is meant to scare you when you are playing have coop like RE5 which in your own words was "Fun."

Are you slow or do you now see how that would ruin the game like it did RE5?

wiggles4425d ago

@grifter did you not see the part where I said option only? I meant it could be turned on or off. Co-Op would be off when I am alone, and the option would be on to allow a buddy.

I am not playing RE5 Co-Op for the "survival horror" aspect, I am playing it just to mow down stuff with a friend.

Think of it as Dead Space: Extraction's Co-Op

Roccetarius4424d ago

The option to have fun or not with someone still doesn't excuse the impact it has on the game. If you want to ''mow down'' enemies, there are plenty of other games to do that with your friends.

Hopefully they're not catering to the co-op crowd with Dead Space.

VanillaBear4424d ago

Co-op should not be included in DS3

Even as an option they would still be wasting development time making it a co-op game

Lets not forget that even if you were playing single player the game would still be designed around co-op because of the "optional mode"

Optional or not.....it's a horriable idea for a great horro game like DS. Look what happened to RE5.

wiggles4424d ago

Did any of you play Dead space extraction's co-op? I am saying they should implement it like that. The Co-Op didn't take away anything from the single player game. However, if you had a friend over, they could play with you instead of watching you play it.

I agree that the single player aspect should always come first, but an option for co-op would not be a bad thing. Especially if it's couch co-op!

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Felinox4425d ago

Great points. I hope EA doesnt force them to shoehorn in multiplayer again.

Xalaris4424d ago

"I loved DS2 but it wasn't as scary as the ishimura in the first game. The bright lights from the outside/sprawls lights/shopping center neon signs and a open enviroment made it less scary in my opinion.

I hope they still have Ellie in the game, they need someone to keep Issac company on his missions..."


VanillaBear4424d ago

and whats wrong with that

I don't mean her following him around, just to talk to the odd time on his radio or switch between them as I even mentioned later on in my comment......

Take a look at the picture yourself ¬¬

chukamachine4425d ago

I think they should crash the ship you are on, onto an alien world. Then all the monsters come after you. Could be awesome.

Regardless i'll be getting it, loved the first two more then i enjoyed any resident evil tbh.