More Tiger Woods PGA Tour 07 Screenshots

Electronic Arts today further released 7 new screenshots for Tiger Woods PGA Tour 07, that looks slightly better than the ones released earlier on. If you can't wait for GTA IV to offer you a game of Golf, then why not get PGA Tour 07?

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uuuunvnv25859d ago

did he realy type GTA IV and golf in the same paragraph? why in the [email protected]#* would you play golf in GTA IV? thats like putting head rest tv's in a pinto

uuuunvnv25859d ago

screens do look good though

smithgi5858d ago

I really like Tiger Woods games, but I can't hel feeling that the new version are only incrementally better than the last. Surely, with all the CPU power of the 360, we could have a totally photo realistic golf game by now? Still, its a step of from Links on the 286, 'Looks like you hit the tree Jim!' Yeah , no sh!t. Thanks for that .

f1r3waII K1LL3r5858d ago

But Im very impressed with the character models this time around and this time they will have a good number of courses and just overall I think Ea might have gotten this game right I mean they went to a tournament for once.