The Lost Chronicles of Zerzura – Preview [GamingLives]

GamingLives writes "With the door creaking shut on the last title in the atmospheric Black Mirror trilogy, their developer, Cranberry Production have moved on to pastures new, this time shunning the rain shrouded English countryside and setting their sights on warmer climes. The Lost Chronicles of Zerzura, due for release in the coming months, is set in Spain – Barcelona, to be precise – and focuses on young inventor, Feodor Morales. While the gloomy, haunting locations of Black Mirror 2 and 3 conjured a rich atmosphere of dread, trepidation, and sadness, Zerzura isn’t resting on pleasant, sun-dappled laurels, with its story unfolding in a time languishing in the evil shadow of the Spanish Inquisition."

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