Ghost Recon Future Soldier Beta Now Available For Download For PlayStation Plus Members

The beta for Ghost Recon Future Soldier is now available for download on PSN right now! but only if you are a PlayStation Plus member.

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LackTrue4K2471d ago

i just downloaded it, its a 4uckin waste right now!!! you got to wait to the 19th for the servers to go up....

Sharingan_no_Kakashi2471d ago

Yea it sucks lol. I have class that day too haha.

Sharingan_no_Kakashi2471d ago

I think people are misinterpreting my comment. When I said, "Meh, Sure why not...", I meant "Yea, I'll try out the beta." Games not really high on my priority list but it looks fun.

brettyd2471d ago (Edited 2471d ago )

fo real?! have to wait? why would they do that!?!?!

jmobley2471d ago

they did it because when people try to download betas day 1 it takes forever. This way people can download it earlier and when the 19th rolls around people wont have to wait to get it, plus the servers wont get over loaded

brettyd2471d ago

i get it...still pissed.

TekoIie2471d ago

Im suprised people dont see the reasoning for this, its obvious for gods sake...


huh? wasn't the point to have a beta available on the day you download it? hmmm this really not good and here i was just about to sign up for the 3 month trial of plus i guess i'll just wait for something worth on time and value

jmobley2471d ago

once again they did it so you can download it in advance and jump in immediately on day 1

Hoje03082471d ago

Lucky, you must be really smart.
Seriously though, if the fact that you have to wait two more days to play is what kills the deal, then you're an idiot. And if you couldn't be bothered to figure out why you'd be allowed to download the beta before it guess live, or to at least read the previous posts, then...well, you get the idea. Also, Plus offers much more than one demo, so either you're just incredibly dumb, or you're trolling. I suspect it's a bit of both.


not trolling at all just saying that i rather spend my money wisely since i could careless for minis or games that i already own but think what you like . everyone has their own opinion but next time read my comment as i wasn't insulting anyone by calling them an idiot.

WetN00dle692471d ago

And the Conviction day one buyers get shafted! VIP Beta Access my freaking ***!!

jmobley2471d ago

beta is going to be around awhile

2471d ago
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