Is The Vita Failing Right Before Sony's Eyes? [GAMINGtruth]

While initial sales were decent, the system has plummeted in Japan and is now being outsold by the PSP, now nearly 8 years old. In the US, the Vita started strong but has now faltered, moving a paltry 28,000 systems for the week ending April 7, 2012. So what is wrong?

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stecarter912374d ago

This is exactly why i didnt buy one at launch; I knew that i would end up not playing it after the novelty wore off and that it probably isnt that good.

Dont get me wrong, its a technological achievement and all but i dont think it stands a chance against the casual market. I dont see how people can afford the console and then the games to go with it as well as the memory which was mentioned in the article.

Not only are all the above factors, but i think the portable console market is no longer what it used to be as we can get so many good games on our phones nowadays.

Once a hell of a lot cheaper i might pick one up but for now, its still a no go. My iPad and iPhone will suffice as mobile gaming platforms.

R.I.P Portable gaming consoles.

Crap_Turtle2374d ago

Did you read the article at all?

The psp is selling great for a 7 year old system. The 3ds is the number 1 selling system in the world, and the vita is doing pretty good all things considering

" My iPad and iPhone will suffice as mobile gaming platforms."

I feel bad for you

"R.I.P Portable gaming consoles. "

LOL, nope

Amazingmrbrock2373d ago

Very true. Additionally sony fairly planned for this, as is obvious if you account for the discount psp they introduced before the vita released.

Sony seems start their consoles with the plan of, having the old ones sell very well when the new ones come out.

Obviously they would like to have it sell loads the whole time but they prepare for their consoles to have a hard time when they first come out. They know they have an expensive product.

Jason1432373d ago

"but i think the portable console market is no longer what it used to be as we can get so many good games on our phones nowadays."
This had me laughing so hard. Thanks

FriedGoat2373d ago

haha, yeah. I have had an Iphone for 5 years and I haven't played a decent game on it since 2009 and even then they weren't brilliant. I have probrably spent £500 alone on apps ect and looking back its totally not worth it the novelty has worn off and its boring as crap. Handhelds on the other hand are awesome, i have DS, DS lite, 3ds and Vita and they are MILES ahead on the fun scale. 5 minute crappy games with bad controls just don't cut it.
And anyone who brings up infinity blade and says its a deep experience and is a good game is kidding themselves.

Denethor_II2373d ago

The same articles came out when the PS3 was launched. If the system is being outsold by the PSP then maybe a price drop really is in order?
Yet again we have PlayStation trying to push the boundaries in terms of technology which, sadly, the masses can't afford as they've all spent £800 on a portable internet browser, and just end up hating on the Vita.

xflo3602373d ago

Hi you guy this is kind of unrelated but there is an english version of the gravity rush demo on the korean ps store.

I expect this is old news but i thought id let ya know just in case.

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Crap_Turtle2374d ago

The vita will be fine. Never believe hype or doom and gloom

MasterCornholio2373d ago (Edited 2373d ago )

That's true because otherwise the 3DS would have died a long time a go with all the doom articles and the embarrassing price drop and circle pad scandal. Now look at how well it's doing.


Relientk772374d ago

No, but thanx for your concern


-Alpha2373d ago (Edited 2373d ago )

Do you have to ask? The answer is yes, the VITA is having trouble, we all know this and we don't need another opinion piece telling us what we already know: the price is high, the sales are down, the software is lacking appeal. This is not a thoughtful or insightful piece

These products go through fluxes, and VITA is at a low point, we don't need a fail article every time this happens, especially when they just repeat the same information.

The rest of the article is just personal distaste, like small buttons and no clam design (?)

KUV19772373d ago

What really baffles me is how hard SONY is trying to drop the ball with this one. So much potential but most of it is going to waste.

Still Uncharted was really amazing and most of the smaller games are really good, just not good enough to keep me in front of the console. Still there are a lot of great games coming even if there are longer strwaks of nothing inbetween.

I wouldn't be surprised if the GoW/HS2-Announcement on the 18th would be for VITA. It sure needs system-seller-titles.

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