How To Beat The “Gaming Isn’t Fun Anymore” Blues

PushStartSelect: "I’ve read several articles recently about people saying they just can’t seem to enjoy games anymore. For those of us that have grown up with video games, these shooters that play like shooters just after a shooter released yesterday it seems a bit understandable. A lot of creative idea’s have seem to be thrown out the door as of late, but you have to remember that they are still there. There are plenty of ways to get over this drought, and here are some tips to….make gaming fun again for you!"

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BiggCMan2374d ago (Edited 2374d ago )

Everyone I know finishes games, but yea I've heard about people over the internet that never do. Personally, I think the best advice over all of these suggestions, is to stop being such a critic.

The ones saying games are getting stale and boring are usually the older people (20's and 30's), because they've been around longer and seen more of it. I feel that they look at games differently now, and have stopped seeing them as fun activities, but rather something to be picky about. Go out there and try something new, maybe the graphics suck, and the story, but maybe the game play mechanics are fun as hell. People need to stop basing their decisions from reviews, stop being nitpicky when they actually play a game, and just enjoy things as much as possible.


actually i personally disagree with one thing. the older gamers such as myself have always been in it for the fun factor. we grew up with limit games and played alot of shit games simply because that was all we had, but we still found some enjoyment in them. nowadays you have an incredible selection of games and i think more from the younger audience are the ones that are picky and all about graphics and also lets not forget the stupid console wars that has erupted. HOWEVER, im not saying all are. All i know is i play games STILL for the fun of it and i started playing games back in '87.

BiggCMan2374d ago

Yea that's exactly how I feel. I've been playing games for 20 years now, and i'll admit that I definitely notice things more than I used to when I was younger, but I still play every type of genre, and try to have as much fun as I can.

Relientk772375d ago

If I get bored I switch games, usually then playing retro games and systems


no_more_heroes2374d ago (Edited 2374d ago )

Every summer I plug back in my old consoles and play Mario Bros/Duck Hunt, MC Kids and Disney's Magic Kingdom (shut up, those last two games were awesome :P) on the SNES and Super Mario 3, Super Mario World (probably my favorite one EVER), DKC 2 and 3 (never owned 1 myself, only learned about DKC from two but have beaten the first 'cuz my cousin had it), Super Mario Kart, Star Fox and from two summers ago I've started revisiting The Lost Vikings. I had others like Kung Fu and Super Street Fighter 2 but those listed above were the easiest to revisit for me, plus I suck at fighting games. :)

Notice a theme here? Yeah, my parents very strictly controlled what games they bought for me as a kid. The first Zelda game I played was The Minish Cap on the GBA (I sh!t you not) because they never got me an N64 and I didn't get the GameCube (I got the Xbox and my little sis got the PS2). They'd already gotten me a PlayStation at the time and didn't want to get me another console so soon.

LOGICWINS2375d ago

"Stop Playing Competitively"

I would replace this with "Stop worrying about K/D ratio"

Ares84HU2374d ago

I'm 27 right now....been gaming since probably the age of 4.....but I still can't get enough of video games. I got 273 PS3 games at the moment and there is so much variety there that I can never get bored. Right now trying to platinum Tekken 6, having a blast. Two more trophies to go!!! Crysis 1 is next!!!!!!

Baka-akaB2374d ago

I'd say , at the very least , those bored by gaming should stop trying to bore us as well :p .

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