MDK2 console dev done with Nintendo after WiiWare loss

Beamdog, which ported MDK2 to WiiWare last year, says it will not work with Nintendo again and explains to Gamasutra how it took nine months for the platform holder to approve its game.

The studio's Trent Oster says Wii (and its WiiWare download service) "isn't a good platform for developers," citing problems with how Nintendo handles payments, file size limitations, and game certification.

Beamdog's internal studio Overhaul Games released a remastered version of BioWare's 2000 Dreamcast/PC title MDK2 to WiiWare last May. But the developer says the game "didn't sell anywhere near [its] expectations," and tells Gamasutra it's yet to make any money from the game almost a year later.

Oster, a BioWare veteran and one of Beamdog's co-founders, claims developers must sell 6,000 units of a WiiWare game before receiving a payment from Nintendo: "We'd love to see some money back on the title, as it is the best version of MDK2 on any console, but we've yet to see anything."

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Anon19742378d ago (Edited 2378d ago )

"He went on to describe Wii as "a toy, not a console""

So no Baldur's Gate Enhanced for the Wii then. They aren't the only developers disappointed with what happened with the Wii, I'm sure, although not many will talk openly about it. You have to wonder how many developers out there had similar experiences with the Wii and how it'll affect third party development of the Wii U.

Louis_Guzman2378d ago

No Baldur's Gate for Wii? Not a single crap was given.

ozzywazzy2378d ago

Wrong. Baldur's Gate is a game loved by many and even more importantly future projects are in jeopardy.

JoySticksFTW2378d ago

Playing BG right now

Baldur's Gate Trilogy mod :)

Picked up BG 1 & 2 from really cheap a while back.

After that, been meaning to try Planetscape: Torment, Icewing Dale series, Fallout 1 & 2. I just can't find the time though

darthv722378d ago

I wasnt even aware MDK2 was available for the wiiware. That is a great game on the DC. I will have to check it out for the wii.

It could be I didnt know about it due to lack of advertising maybe? My kids play the wii mostly now but I do get emails from nintendo about new things on the shop channel.

I can't recall ever getting anything relating to MDK2 or I would have jumped all over that.

Moncole2378d ago

The definition of a toy is somthing you play with and you play with the Wii and it makes it a toy. The PS3 and Xbox are also toys

nolifeking2378d ago

My spud is not a toy.
My lady friends are not toys.
My little sister is not a toy.
My hair is not a toy.

Saying anything you "play" with is a toy seems to overly simplified to me.

xyxzor2378d ago

In b4 "your mom is a toy".

Lucretia2378d ago

the ps3 and 360 are also entertainment centers, the wii cant even play a dvd, so yes its a toy. im amazed netflix is on it

Sgt_Slaughter2378d ago

Well actually the Wii can... with Homebrew.

AWBrawler2377d ago

if sold at Toys R Us it is a toy or maybe candy

Dark112378d ago

"how it took nine months for the platform holder to approve its game"
Wow good job Nintendo

PopRocks3592378d ago (Edited 2378d ago )

"Hears only one side of the story.

Believes it instantly at face value."

PopRocks3592378d ago (Edited 2378d ago )

I can see based on the agrees and disagrees here that fanboys (or perhaps just folks with a nasty grudge against Nintendo or anyone who's into their games/consoles) have a thing against logic.

MidnytRain2377d ago

Well, it's a pretty blunt and specific statement. If Nintendo denies it then someone's flat-out lying.

grashopper2378d ago

To me the main thing holding Wii back from online sales is not being able to add what you want to spend. If I see a game on there for like 7 dollars I know it will be next to impossible to spend all the money on my account. I would probably have to add about 30 more and do a lot of math and buy stuff I don't really want to make the total add up to the amount I have left.

To save me the trouble I just stopped buying anything. I want more games but it's just such a pain. And I hate having money I know is mine floating around in a void I can't use.

Thepcz2378d ago

Mdk2 is on wiiware?

My psychic abilities must be wearing off.

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