Brian Crecente checks out Resistance: Burning Skies for the Vita

Brian Crecente checks out Resistance: Burning Skies for the Vita and gives hands-on impressions from the show floor.

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Simplexchaff2374d ago

Hey guys this game is only 4vs4?? Thought it was 8vs8 deathmatch..Mehhh

GuruStarr782374d ago

Looks great! Already got mine paid off... now just gotta wait til the end of next month!

theEx1Le2374d ago

I cannot wait for this game. The only thing my vita is missing is a good FPS for online.

MySwordIsHeavenly2374d ago

Will it have tilt-aiming, like Uncharted? THAT was brilliant.

tiffac0082374d ago (Edited 2374d ago )

I just recently played R1 and I got to say I was impress enough to really start thinking hard on not only getting this game (set for the Vita) but download the PSP one and get R3 in the process.

cpayne932374d ago

Retribution was a awesome game, in my opinion the story was better than the ps3 games, though they were good too. I hope they do another game with Grayson as a character.

MySwordIsHeavenly2374d ago

You haven't played Resistance 3?!? It's the best in the series, by a LOOOOOOOOOOONG shot.

tiffac0082374d ago

I'm not a huge fan of FPS and my internet sux very bad, so I'm unable to enjoy multiplayer games but I decided to try Resistance because of the bundle pack and so far I'm enjoying it and liking the story very much.

MySwordIsHeavenly2374d ago

I have pretty good internet, but I don't play multi-player very often. From the standpoint of someone who really ONLY plays single-player campaigns on FPS games, R3 is one of the best. Ever.

Knushwood Butt2374d ago

I respect your opinion, but for me, R3 is easily my least favourite (not including the PSP game as I only played the demo).

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