Sleeping Dogs is like Arkham City Meets True Crimes

On April 7th 2012 GamerFitNation's BlackBible interviewed Producer Dan Sochan on his upcoming title Sleeping Dogs formerly Known as True Crimes Hong Kong.

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Playing Sleeping Dogs is like watching a good Asian Gangster Flick. Have any of you guys seen Election?"

Yi-Long2470d ago

... and not using the whole of Hong Kong, thus also Kowloon, The New Territories, and Lantau Island (airport).

HK Island is pretty much the least interesting part of Hong Kong to me.

Also, judging from the gameplay vids I've seen so far, I'm sad to say I haven't really been impressed yet. Running seems slow, climbing seemed awkward (Lan Kwai Fong section), and it all just kinda felt like it's a last-gen game (gameplay-wise) with mediocre current-gen graphics.

I love Hong Kong and I love sandbox games and HK cinema and martial arts and all that, so I SHOULD be really excited about this, but it has mostly left me disappointed with what they've been showing so far.

LOGICWINS2470d ago (Edited 2470d ago )

Sleeping Dogs looks like a fun game, but I haven't seen anything that screams "I'm worth your $60. Buy me now!!"

As far as Asian drama/action games, it looks like it wipes the floor with Yakuza in the gameplay department...but I guarantee that the story and characters will be inferior.

Its probably not fair to compare this to Yakuza, but you have to admit, its the first thing that comes to mind. I need a demo to understand what all the buzz is about. Honestly, I think the only reason its getting attention is because everyone expected it suck..but its decent. The problem is that from what I've seen so far, its just that, DECENT.

KingofGambling2470d ago

If you like Election checkout Vengeance and Exiled both films directed by the same guy did the Election.

WeskerChildReborned2470d ago

How is it even close to Arkham City when Arkham City is a superhero game?

Rampaged Death2470d ago

I think he's talking about the combat.