Star Trek Teleports to PS3 With Co-op and 3D - PSBlog Preview


Thanks to the storytelling wizardry and storytelling chops of J.J. Abrams and Bad Robot, one of the most beloved sci-fi series in history teeters on the brink of a renaissance among fans and newcomers alike. With Star Trek for PS3, developer Digital Extremes is crafting a standalone story that takes place between the 2009 film and the upcoming sequel. The hope: to boldly go where no licensed game has gone before.

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From when I first saw this I thought of ME and I'm loving it.

sashimi3996d ago

Hope this game is good, so far the trailers looks cool.

Getowned3996d ago

looks good, why can't we get a starwars game like this :(

kneon3996d ago

Because Star Wars jumped the shark so long ago that it's beyond redemption.

Getowned3994d ago

Not completely but video game wise ..yes.

Lucas should have his rights to starwars revoked.There are some great starwars books out there,one of which the sequel will never happen because George Lucas wants Mando to be a pieceful planet -__- Rip Imperial Comando 2.
Who could forget X-wing, and the Thrawn Trigigy,I Jedi some of the best and my favourits

No starwars is not dead, maybe only to people who don't read but even so there is a Graphic novel thats really good, and actually the Thrawn Trilogys should be made into movies as episode 7,8,9

I would kill for a good NEW starwars Video game!(thats not a mmo)

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