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Join Emkayu, Starbuzz, Ronin and Darkseid as they play Ghost Recon Online, a squad based shooter for the PC. In their own unique (and at times, controversial) way, they take a look at character deisigns, weapon balance, gameplay and micro transactions.

Is this squad based game truly innovative and intuitve or does the game still have a long way to go?

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Emkayu2375d ago

Hope you guys like the video!

chasegarcia2375d ago

does this game support x360 controller?

sprinterboy2375d ago

Silly pop ups in vid, psn + subscribers are in the beta, so not pc exclusive and I dont want to here people laughing at crap jokes for 5 mins on a character selection screen other than that a good vid lol.

Emkayu2375d ago

Ghost Recon ONLINE is exclusive to PC and Wii U, Ghost Recon: Future Soldier is available on multiple platforms, with it's beta currently available on the PS3...