G-Swag Podcast: Resident Evil 6

T-Hill writes:

In this episode:

-We talk about our impressions on The Resident Evil 6 trailer

-Is that Ada Wong in the trailer?

-Zombies with guns WTF?

-Will this be the Last Resident Evil Ever?

You won’t find this anywhere else on the net!

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Dante1122377d ago

Wesker, Jr. and Sherry showing up after being practically non existent for years (Resident Evil games after RE2) were the things that really threw me after watching the trailer. I don't know where Capcom is taking this RE but it should be interesting to see where.

TheSuperior 2377d ago

great topic! im intrested in finding out where exactly capcom s going with this game because so much of what ive seen is so different

kevinsheeks2376d ago

This looks to be the most interesting game in the series thanks for the post :)

Jourdy2882375d ago

Well, it's a marvel the series has lasted this long and has such a strong presence outside the gaming industry- I don't know if the 6th game will be terrible or not, but the series will survive.