'NCAA Football 13' video highlights the many gameplay changes coming

XMNR: EA Sports released a new video on Tuesday that highlights the numerous gameplay changes coming to NCAA Football 13 for the Playstation 3 and Xbox 360. How does 430 new catch animations and a new read and react defensive AI grab you?

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wiggles2400d ago

No mention of "Rocket Pack" LB's or suction blocking worry me. But NCAA is usually pretty good with coming out with worthwhile football games every year.

Wolfbiker2399d ago

Watch their web cast. They very much address it.

They seemed to have very much polished the game play this year.

wiggles2399d ago

Ahh okay. I agree, I preferr NCAA games over Madden because they actually make improvements that matter.

Starbucks_Fan2399d ago

Man I can't wait to see what the graphics are like for sports games next gen. Right now this looks pretty damn good.