New DBZ Kinect screenshots and trailer

Namco Bandai recently announced that Dragon Ball Z for Kinect was actually real during a press event in Las Vegas last week. Hot on the heels of this announcement are ten new screenshots and a brand new game trailer revealed today.

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Rai2401d ago

that trailer was just to hard to watch....its so stupid.

PersonaCat2401d ago

Waiting for a dance central ripoff mode where Goku and Freeza bust some moves in the skies of Namek.

ShinraE52401d ago

The trailer was a bit...weak. But the game looks like it could be a blast. If the accuracy of movement holds up, this could be a gift to all DBZ fans

azazel6652401d ago

I agree. It's something that fans of the show should at least try. Especially if they already have a Kinect then why not pick it up?