Twisted Metal Update: Axel Available to All Tomorrow, Starhawk Sweet Tooth Skin

PlayStation Blog: We’re pleased to confirm that Axel will be available to all Twisted Metal players with the upcoming free patch on April 18th. If you missed him through early pre-order access, this will be your chance to deal some serious destruction in new ways. Bothered by some unrelenting enemies? Blow them away with Axel’s signature Crowd Control attack, or run them right over with his ruthless War Wheel alternate special attack. You can learn more about Axel gameplay strategies (along with strategies for all vehicles) in the Twisted Metal University series at

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360GamerFG2402d ago

Yeah all 72 of them. This game did horribly in the PAL regions. Good to see that it is still getting support though

neoMAXMLC2402d ago

Twisted Metal never did good in PAL regions. I don't get what they have against great games. :/

360GamerFG2402d ago

It didn't do too good in the US either by the looks of things. VGC has it at 340k units sold worldwide 2 months after release.

neoMAXMLC2402d ago

Because VGC always had their numbers correct.

360GamerFG2401d ago

When I said PAL regions I was using GFK not VGC.

waltyftm2402d ago

That is one sweet (excuse the pun) looking skin.

detroitmademe2402d ago

my ps3 is down s i havent been able to play TM in like a month.This sux!!!

girlwithturn2402d ago

Fix damned trophies. I can't get my platinum because Any Cars Will Do strongly glitched. Made already 200 minimum with each.

2402d ago
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