RUMOR: Miyamoto Confirms Super Mario 4?

The Super Mario 4 name is back, this time coming from an interview with Miyamoto.

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morkendo232470d ago (Edited 2470d ago )

RIGHT!! IT IS GETTING old, news smell rotten now.
in other NEWS
i hope Nintendo announce @ E3 some up-graded SNES games for wii-U

Starbucks_Fan2471d ago

It's getting cOLD in here, so put back on all yo clothes.

dark-hollow2471d ago

well said. that was pure gOLD and bOLD.
glad someone got out and broke the mOLD, sOLD,
BUT hOLD!! nah forget it.....

Wintersun6162471d ago

There must be a spelling mistake. It should say 40, not 4.

modesign2471d ago

another mario were you fight bowser and save the princess without getting laid.