HollywoodChicago - The Pinball Arcade Review (PS Vita)

Brian Tallerico writes: Do kids still play pinball? Or is it a piece of nostalgia now? I must confess to hours spent in the arcade playing the addictive game, always my personal favorite when I had quarters burning a hole in my pocket. And so I’m kind of a soft target when it comes to Farsight Studios’ “The Pinball Arcade,” a clever new title available for the PS3 and PlayStation Vita. The console version looks better but the handheld features a spectacular portrait angle which might replicate actual pinball better than any video game in history. If you love pinball as I do, this is a solid PSN purchase that will make your PlayStation Vita a more essential piece of gaming hardware in your arsenal.

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Moentjers2427d ago

If you like this, you'll also like Williams Pinball Classics on PSP: SpaceShuttle, Taxi, Black Knight and many more. It's more than worth the coins.