Best Sega Game Gear games of all time

GamesRadar: "The Sega Game Gear. With its 8-bit processor and bright color screen, it was basically the Sega Master system in your hands. How many batteries did we suck dry playing Sonic, Madden and Road Rash on the bus or in the car, or in the dark when we were supposed to be sleeping? You couldn’t do that on a Game Boy!

We’ve assembled a list and checked it twice, ordering all our favorite games for Sega’s beefy handheld. Take a look, and tell us your favorite games in the comments below. Remember, if you’re feeling nostalgic, many of these classics are available on the 3DS Virtual Console. "

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godzilla722427d ago

Wow, what a system. Such memories! I remember Terminator2 Arcade for it! One of my personal favorites. Sonic Drift 2 was another one. This makes me wanna pick up the game gear again! I never shouldve got rid of mine.

kevnb2427d ago

no xmen? xmen on gamegear was awesome!