Level-5 CEO: Ni no Kuni Sequel Possible If PS3 Version Successful Overseas

In an interview with at Namco Bandaia's recent Gamers Day event, Level-5 CEO Akihiro Hino said that, with regards to a Ni no Kuni sequel, he'd like to continue with the series if they see strong results from the overseas version.

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MaideninBlack2428d ago

I guess this means no sequel. :(

GribbleGrunger2428d ago

i'm not sure about that. Level-5 are known for one of our favourite RPGs on the PS2: Dark Cloud and they also made a little RPG called DQ8... Gibli studios are the most successful animation studios from Japan. i think it stands every chance of being successful

MaideninBlack2428d ago

I guess it depends on what sales numbers L5 considers "successful". I'll be getting this for sure since I've always supported Level-5, on PlayStation anyway.

GribbleGrunger2428d ago (Edited 2428d ago )

i'd say just over a million sales would guarantee a second game (on top of Japanese sales of course)

i reckon it will easily top 1.5 million and then go on to sell 2 million, in other territories . their reputation is too strong for it to flop (fingers crossed)

-Alpha2428d ago (Edited 2428d ago )

I expect Namco to do a good advertisement.

Sadly, the Japanese release sold only around 65K (the first week), so I don't know what American numbers will be like. I do expect it to sell around a million. Lots of Ghibli fans around the world, so that helps.

Perhaps it's a good thing it's pushed to early 2013

Relientk772428d ago

Come on Level 5 bring on the sequel. I'm buying it day one

Dante1122428d ago (Edited 2428d ago )

@ Maiden

"Dark Cloud, which Level-5 developed for Sony, sold 120,000 units in Japan, but topped a million total in worldwide sales. Dark Chronicle also did better outside of Japan. The Layton series, while a huge hit in Japan, was an even bigger hit overseas."

These type of games do sell well outside of Japan you know.

MaideninBlack2428d ago (Edited 2428d ago )

Nice numbers for PS2 and handheld titles but what PS3 exclusive rpg has sold well this gen?

Not trolling by the way. It's just how it is nowadays. Good rpgs are overlooked for shooters in the West.

Dante1122428d ago

@ Maiden

Demon Souls sold 1.57 million copies.
Yakuza 3 sold 1.03 million.
Valkyria Chronicles sold 1.03 million

TooTall192428d ago

I've overlooked most Level-5 RPGs this gen because they moved away from action RPGs.

I want this game to do well, but I would prefer a sequel to Dark Cloud in the future.

Shikoro2428d ago

Buy this game, people! :(

Crap_Turtle2428d ago

Why would anyone be worried?

White knight series - 3 entries - 3 english releases
d'arc - english release
inazuma eleven series - more than 5 entries - 2 have started coming to europe

I am not worried about level 5 and there english expeectations

execution172428d ago

yeah well only 1 of those wkc games came to EU and not NA, plus wkc1 and 2 both kinda gimped in a way since they're not getting what the JP players are gettng with all their updates and dlc's

Crap_Turtle2428d ago

Who cares? All 3 still came out in english

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The story is too old to be commented.