The Verge - Resistance: Burning Skies multiplayer proves two thumbsticks are better than one

The Verge - Resistance: Burning Skies will be the first first-person shooter to hit PlayStation's Vita and make full use of those two glorious thumbsticks.

How's it feel?

Sort of like gaming on a console

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Akuma-2428d ago

Looks awesome. I will buy this first day

neutralgamer192428d ago

So will I and will spend days upon days playing it like i did Unit 13.

mafiahajeri2428d ago

Looks great the first no brainer vita game Im going to buy but 4vs4!? Im kinda afraid there will be alot of 2vs1 2vs2 etc. games Hope Im wrong...

Simplexchaff2428d ago

Seriously I thought this game was 8vs8..Now that some limited multiplayer..When will the vita get a real multiplayer exprience...Even the 3ds can do better

cpayne932428d ago

Killzone will probably be the first big multiplayer shooter on vita, I never liked the resistance multiplayer that much though. Always a big fan of their campaigns. What big multiplayer games are there on 3ds though?

MasterCornholio2428d ago (Edited 2428d ago )

As far as I know there are not any 3DS games that do 4V4. So far, this game has proven that the Vita is more capable for online multiplayer than the 3DS.