Assassin's Creed IV & PS4: Interview With Matt Turner via Play Mag

Techtorial: An interview by Play Mag with Matt Turner (ubisoft montreal, lead scriptwriter) showed his insights about Assassin's Creed IV and next-gen consoles.

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supremacy2400d ago

Look, as long as Sony keeps making PlayStation, I will keep buying them. Its that simple really.

They just keep supporting their platforms for a long time, and that to me means alot.

Crazyglues2400d ago (Edited 2400d ago )

Yeah truth be told it's not about the Game coming out every other year, it's about what kind of game are you making, and as long as it's a Quality effort...

I"m all for it, new features, new ideas, new concepts - hell as long as they put in the work, I think you can keep making Assassin Creeds just like they keep making another Halo, or another Battlefield.

It's about how good is the next game, are you going to still put in the work to make it awesome and bring it back fresh or are you going to just rest on your morals and re-use everything..

If it's put in the work to make a new awesome game, then you can just keep making them- No complaints here..

This latest Assassin Creed III Looks Awesome and I can wait to check it out... & if it's good then of course a part IV would be Awesome..(Long as you keep making an Awesome product each time out I don't see nothing wrong with it)


d0nni32400d ago

Seems like a bit of a non-story this really, he says very little apart from he wants it more connected