Xbox Murder Case Ends In Death Sentence

How can someone commit such crimes over a damn console...

Find out the full story below...

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MoonDust4440d ago

I feel sorry for the guy that gets it when he goes to buy the ps3.
We all know it's going to happen.

uuuunvnv24440d ago

DAMN!!!! What a bunch of fools

Eternal E 8084440d ago

i would do the same if someone stole my 360 i have no mercy for ppl that want to fck with me but ill probly destroy him with my bear hands island fighter style.

kmis874440d ago

You have bear hands? I guess thats a lot cooler squirrel hands.

Eternal E 8084440d ago

becuase ill destroy you too with my bear hands lol J/K

Marriot VP4440d ago

So his last request will be to play GOW on the 360 right???

The BS Police4440d ago

Seriously stealing someones Xbox is the worst crime you could ever commit... oh yeah but killing six people over it is just dumb!

I would have just stole it back without killing anyone!

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The story is too old to be commented.