Dark Souls PC: New Bosses, Story, Areas & Armour Detailed

FroM Software has spoken with NowGamer in detail about the additional content in Dark Souls: prepare to die edition on PC. Full details here.

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Feckles2377d ago

Is this coming to console?

fastrez2377d ago

It better, and it better be free as well.

h311rais3r2377d ago (Edited 2377d ago )

It more than likely will come to console. Even if it doesn't it's not that much added content. They're only adding it as added incentive for pc players to buy it. I already own it but my pc craves this at 60fps in blight town lol. Can't wait for full 1080p.

GamingPerson2377d ago (Edited 2377d ago )

I will make a petition for the extra pixels and extra 30fps just to see if people sign it! lol

Nevers2377d ago

Many are hoping so. It really wouldn't look too great for FromSoftware to withhold the extra content from the people who have supported the Souls 'series' thus far.

If it comes free, that would be great but even if it isn't, I'll buy it day 1.

Just wish From would officially announce that the content was coming to consoles.

Nevers2377d ago

I forgot to ask and my phone is freezing when trying to get to the site ... can anyone copy/paste the information on the additional content so those of us stuck at work and WEBSENSE'd (blocked) can see what is in store? Pretty please?

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jimmins2377d ago

If this stuff doesn't come to consoles as DLC... prepare to die. Edition.

mook10222377d ago

Got a PS3 just so I could play Demons Souls and I'll give them credit for making Dark Souls a worthy successor! PC gamers who haven't played this yet are in for a treat and trust me...some valium just for all the hours you'll spend collecting souls...dying...repeat! ;)

fossilfern2377d ago

Honestly cant wait for a PC version of this game! I didnt get too far into Dark Souls because my PS3 broke! Only got to Blight Town(?) and the frame rate in that area was atrocious. Cant wait to play this at 1920x1200 maxed out!

-Alpha2377d ago (Edited 2377d ago )

Damn, this sounds like a hefty content drop! Sounds like a $15 DLC if there are really four areas with four bosses, new enemies, and new equipment.

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