Capcom DLC Controversy: 'Tekken Will Never Charge For Characters' - Harada

Tekken Tag Tournament 2 game director Katsuhiro Harada has spoken with NowGamer regarding Capcom's controversial DLC approach with SF x Tekken. Full details and quotes here.

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jimmins2428d ago

Easy to say, but we'll see when Tekken x SF comes out.

vallencer2428d ago

In all fairness though that's a joint project between them. I believe he is referring to just Tekken games. Plus they might not charge for the Tekken characters and Capcom might decide to charge for their Street Fighter characters.

Megaman_nerd2428d ago

CxT was produced and published only by Capcom and TxC will be produced and published only by Namco or whoever is publishing this one.

Just like CvS, SNK didn't have any input on the game, it was all Capcom. Snk just gave the permission for Capcom to be able to use their characters and that's why the game feels like SF and not a KOF game.

GraveLord2427d ago

Not really a joint project. Capcom has no creative input in the game Namco is making just like Namco had no input on Street fighter x Tekken.

Ron_Danger2428d ago

I think a lot of people forgot that TxSF is coming out...

Furesis2427d ago

that's true but it won't be comming out for awhile

Feckles2428d ago

I remember a time when you paid for a game you paid for it once and got the whole thing. Ah, memories.

rdgneoz32428d ago

That and they'd ship a game after testing it for bugs, instead of sending out broken copies that they plan to patch on release day or soon after...

jaymart2k2428d ago

Someones never played games for the Wii.

fastrez2428d ago

Think Capcom's approach to this was shocking, and their explanations of why it did it this way are less than satisfactory.

Athlon2428d ago

Regardless of whether Harada will keep is word about never charging for DLC content, one thing is for certain that Capcom is taking note that their competition is also weighing in on their dirty business practices. I'm hoping this forces Capcom's hand in making some sort of resolution to gamers concerning the on-disc content.

KingItachi2428d ago

I hope he can make it happen but I doubt it.

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The story is too old to be commented.