3 Most Successful Video Game Franchises

People’s interest in the video game industry just keeps growing and growing. While more people are taking interest in gaming culture, game franchises are getting bigger by the minute. There are many successful games that stand alone, as well as, many successful series as a whole. What makes these games so successful is the love they receive from the players! Players love games just as mothers love their children but over time which games have been loved the most? The list below shows the three most successful video game franchises!

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TheSuperior 2401d ago

Why are are 3 of my favorite franchises on this list?!? hahaha

Titanz2401d ago

Where's Mario, Grand Turismo... Monster Hunter!

abombletap2401d ago

Uncharted, metal gear solid, and god of war for me. That's is all


I think Final Fantasy is one of the most successful in my eyes.

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