Review: Fez (

by: Addam Kearney

Years of hype and build up can be horrible for a game. Take last year’s Duke Nukem Forever, for example. With over ten years of development, fans eagerly anticipated Duke’s return, only to be mostly let down by the final result. Fez had a similar situation, being in development for five years and had a lot of anticipation from much of the “indie scene."

Announced in 2007, Fez was one of the first major games announced to concentrate on having a 2D-ish, pixel art style. Five years later and the market has been flooded with indie games that have a strong emphasis on pixel graphics. What’s worse is that comments by the game’s creator, Phil Fish, about his low opinion of Japanese game development has had serious backlash leveled towards the game. Fez has a lot of negativity to overcome. All of these issues aside, the core question is whether or not Fez is a good game. Thankfully, five years of waiting has given us something truly memorable.

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Lol, he wishes! This game is straight up homages and 2d fun