Paint Park, Treasure Park and Wake Up Club Coming to PS Vita for Free

PlayStation Blog: PlayStation Vita owners can look forward to a trio of free applications to help you make the most of the handheld console’s unique features, the first of which will be available to download this week, on 18 April.

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Emilio_Estevez2376d ago

Free stuff is always great.

sinncross2376d ago

Whoa, treasure Park has never been mentioned before, the other 2 were announced in Hong Kong a month or two back.

Glad to hear they are free, they sound like neat apps to try out. But I hope Sony does not just leave them in their original state and updates them over time.

Welcome Party, for instance, could be much better if they added say adhoc MP for some of the games and even online leaderboards in terms of who scores the highest amount of points. That is the best app to connect the Sony userbase since everyone who gets a PSv gets that app.

anyways, cant wait to check these 3 new ones out!

farhad2k82376d ago

Nice to see more apps making it to the VITA.
I've also heard about Skype coming to the VITA on the 24th?

So far so good, now we just need a shit ton of games announced for the VITA at E3 and we'll be fine!

JoGam2376d ago (Edited 2376d ago )

The alarm clock seems cool. I just hope the speakers are loud enough to wake me up. SMH!