The Witcher: PlayTM Review - 'refreshing to play a character so unsavoury'

PlayTM writes: "While certainly without being forced to play The Witcher I would never have bothered; what an experience I'd have missed out on. Indeed this review should have been in ages ago, but I couldn't bring myself to put a finger to key - there was so much to do and experience, I didn't want to utter a word with so much left to uncover and so I didn't, I waited, experienced and played."

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f4nb0i3936d ago

Really good game that has been overshadowed by the many big hitters in 2007 winter season. Ive yet to complete it but from what Ive played so far - i suggest you at least give the demo a try! Need a beast PC to run this on max though - luckily Ive recently upgraded.