Sega design chief joins Kinect Sports dev Rare

Former Sega design chief Simon Woodroffe is the new creative director of Kinect Sports developer Rare.
Simon Woodroffe, who was head of games design for Sega West, is the new studio creative director at Rare. He's in charge of all aspects of design at the Microsoft-owned studio.

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NYC_Gamer2379d ago

Its like every week someone is jumping ship from Sega

ScubbaSteve2379d ago

as opposed to the sunken ship that is Rare

GribbleGrunger2379d ago

it's like jumping off a raft and climbing aboard the Titanic

Tai_Kaliso2379d ago


Oh yeah Rare is a sinking ship alright, Kinect Sports 1 is almost at 5 million copies sold and Kinect Sports 2 is over 2 million sold. whoa is them....

They've only released half a dozen platinum selling games this generation.....

Ilovetheps42379d ago

Rare used to be such an amazing studio. I played Donkey Kong Country so much when I was a child. I still have my SNES hooked up to my TV with DKC in it. Sadly, Rare doesn't make games with that quality anymore.

FlashXIII2379d ago

Lol from Donkey Kong Country to Kinect sports, is there a greater fall from grace in the world of gaming?

360GamerFG2379d ago

From SOCOM 2 to SOCOM 4 to unemployment?

banjadude2379d ago (Edited 2379d ago )

What does Socom have to do with RARE, FinancialGamer? Also, since when is SOCOM even associated with Nintendo?

StrongMan2379d ago

Totally agree. My childhood was full of good memories with Goldeneye 64, Donkey Kong Country, Persfect Dark, and Conker. Now Rare only makes Kinect shovelware casual crap. Rare fell really hard and hit rock bottom. They used to be the most respected developer but now they are the laughing stock of the industry. How sad.

Maxned2379d ago

How sad is it that Rare, once the makers of masterpieces, now has the prefix "Kinect Sports dev?"


NYC_Gamer2379d ago

The main dudes from Rare are still part of Nintendo...MS only brought the studio with really no talent behind it...

Smashbro292379d ago

They gotta go independant. What a waste of talent.

Tai_Kaliso2379d ago

They cant go independent since Microsoft owns them, also, How is it a waste of talent just because they are putting out Kinect titles to help launch a device that Microsoft has invested a ton of money into?

If Sony had fully supported the Move, maybe it wouldn't be in the shape its in now.

Rare has done amazing things this generation, Viva Pinata 1&2, Banjo Kazooie Nuts And Bolts, Perfect Dark Zero, Kameo and Kinect Sports 1 and 2, all of these games have gone on to sell over a million units and have been received very well.

People are upset because they cant make Donkey Kong games or Nintendo type games anymore? Get over it! They release pretty solid games and some like Nuts And Bolts that sold over a million, but probably not enough for Microsoft to invest into as a franchise again, that is the consumers fault.

Everyone complains but nobody actually buys.
Hell if everyone actually bought the games they claimed were "day one buys" then every game would sell into the millions.

Rare is fine and they are probably working on something for the next Xbox currently, I know they assisted with Kinect Sports 2, but the majority of that game wasn't made by them at all.