L.A. Noire Retrospective

There comes a point in LA Noire where everything falls neatly into place. The criminal is squirming in the interview room, shifting uneasily as a barrage of proof is plastered in front of him, revealing their misdemeanours and guilt. At this point the player feels all powerful, the epitome of the hard nosed cop sticking it to the man and keeping the streets safe for its citizens. Common sentiments would then suggest there is everything else and for every euphoric collaring there is a bout of investigative indifference where confusion and bluster creates a sense of abstraction. As a byword for disappointment, LA Noire could arguably have the award sewn up and in the bag before anything else gets a look-in, but taking a step back reveals that while the game suffered from a complication of creative intent and grandiose desires, a fact that ultimately affected many areas of the title, the core is still a fascinating achievement.

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Crap_Turtle2375d ago

la noire was pretty boring.......

ginsunuva2375d ago

Shows that some people just don't have intellectual appreciation and attention spans longer than 4 hours of shooting.

Crap_Turtle2374d ago

I Was being kind the game flat out stunk

And I hate shooters