RUMOR: Persona 4 - The Golden English Version Release Date posted Persona 4 - The Golden release date.

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Rashonality2372d ago

no no no...Atlus....why
if true they couldn't pick any worse time...

suicidalblues2372d ago

Does anyone know if the psp personas work on vita? And which is the best? Or should I just wait til October for this?

DeathsAmbition2372d ago

All the Persona games on PSP work on Vita and they are great. Persona 4: The Golden for Vita will also great and better, its basically the PS2 port with more content. Persona 3 Portable lacked the ability of movement during the city map and some other features. I'm porting P4G from playasia cause I can't wait. :)

jujubee882372d ago

The amount of awesomeness in my mind (at the thought of an english P4TG) has caused my head to cave within itself, like a giant dying star.

This can only be good.