Ninja Theory and Capcom tweaking DmC's combat and missions

The development of DmC by Enslaved developer Ninja Theory has reached the stage where all the game's missions are designed, but they're now getting revised and adjusted.

The same goes for the combat as the studio and Capcom take a closer look at it. The artwork is also a priority as it's brought up to code. Capcom 'guiding' combat gameplay.

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Yi-Long2377d ago

... only to sell it later as DLC.

zeal0us2377d ago (Edited 2377d ago )

Head on. I can already see extra mission pack dlc, alternative costume pack, weapon pack dlc, _____ edition for $70+ and the list goes on.

LOGICWINS2377d ago

It's a shame really because this DMC and RE6 look like great games. Guess I'll just take my $60 elsewhere.

Larry L2377d ago the dragons dogma thread just above this story I said Capcom's only good choice this gen was having ANOTHER developer make the next DMC............but I see they are now taking back that good choice and sticking their idiotic, bad decision making noses in on this too.

Sorry Ninja Theory..........your new DMC could have had you 2-3, batting .600 for masterpiece games. But with Capcom's help, it looks like you may end up 2-3 for mediocre drivvel.

Lucretia2377d ago

I can see a classic dante skin. That would sell tons.

solidjun52377d ago

I could see the same thing. Instead of beating the game on hardcore mode to get him, you can access him from the beginning for a low low low price of $5 dollars.