Virgil Dropped 20% Of Content From Darksiders II

David Adams, studio general manager, and Joe Madureira, creative director, have admitted to dropping around 20% of content from Virgil's Darksiders II.

In an interview, the pair discussed the perils of having too many ideas, most of which are too expensive and time-consuming to pull off.

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Johnny_Cojones2376d ago

This doesn't imply anything sinister. Sometimes you simply don't have the time or budget to do everything you'd like to do.

Drekken2376d ago

Or the size on a disc.

mewhy322376d ago

Or time and money to try and reach parity with Xbox levels of fidelity.

zeal0us2376d ago

Given that its coming from THQ I would have to say money would be a key factor given their current condition.

Zechs342376d ago

I thought the company name was Vigil... Or is it Virgil as stated?

Johnny_Cojones2376d ago

You're correct, it's Vigil.

maawdawg2376d ago

yep, definite fail by StrategyInformer in their cut/paste job of the Gamasutra article. Gogo game "journalism".

MorbidPorpoise2376d ago

Thunderbird Two to Thunderbird One, do you read me?

turgore2376d ago

many games do this - they abandon msot of their concepts and ideas and focus on a few.