Radeon 7000 series Price Cuts and Promos announced.

AMD has announced price cuts on its 7000 series lineup and would also add three free games.

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dirthurts2373d ago

Gah, just bought a 7870...
Any chance of a reimbursement for early adopters? No.
Ah, still a good card :)

starchild2373d ago

Don't worry, man. The 7870 is an awesome card and they aren't dropping prices on the 7850 or 7870 yet, only the 7900 series.

Im about to buy the same card as you. But I might settle for an hd 7850 instead. I just love how cool and power efficient these cards are...with massive overclocking ability.

dirthurts2373d ago

You won't regret either card. The 7870 is quite the beast. Maxes out Battlefield 3 @ 1080p with around 60fps, a few small dips. I'm sure the 7850 would suit you just fine.

neogeo2373d ago

I love this card. It's so easy to oc. Solid as a rock.

chasegarcia2373d ago (Edited 2373d ago )

I still have a 4800 series that could put 98% of the games out on the highest setting @1080p.

your going to be fine.

NegativeCreepWA2373d ago

I got a 5870, you guys think its time to upgrade yet?

Mikhail2373d ago

It depends on the resolution you want to play on and the games you have. If its 1080p, and you only play mainstream game such as starcraft, WOW then that would suffice.

The upper range card which are the 7850 and upwards are overkill for 1080p gaming at 60fps. You need those cards if you want ultra settings on demanding games such as Metro, BF3, crysis and total war shogun (when huge armies are involve!!)

IaMs122373d ago

Ive got a 5770 running BF3 on high, with some settings set at Ultra 1080p with out problems. So im sure you will be just fine.

Mikhail2373d ago

If you buy the 7970 for $470 and then sell the Deus and Dirt game coupons, it will really worth the price.