Video: Mario meets Halo

Characters from the Halo-verse meet mario

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Atomic Rage3939d ago

Ya I thought it was cool.

Bill Gates3939d ago

Once again Master Queef gets OWNED.....AAHAHHHHHA

Pacifist3938d ago

Did you watch the video? I didn't see master chief in it... just the covenant. (and BTW pretending to be pro-microsoft with ur bill gates acc then bashing their games is kinda clever and stupid at the same time)

Mycococo3939d ago

already out. eccept instead of playing as mario you play as master chief. i cant get homebrew games to work on my psp so i havent tryed it but it looks better than this. just an fyi

ChickeyCantor3938d ago

The environment didnt even fit both ( mario and halo characters)

but hacks are fun XD