Is Call of Duty really in decline?

MMGN: Bitch, please. I don’t care what the figures say, we all know Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 will dominate the sales charts in November, that is, after it has officially been announced.

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Hufandpuf2375d ago

people say that it isn't in decline, but it really is. It didn't pass Black Ops sales, but people say that "they can't grow anymore because it's fanbase has reached its peak." But if it reached its peak, MW3 would have more sales!

360GamerFG2375d ago

If vgchartz is to be believed, Black Ops on xbox 360 has sold a total of 13.27 million in the year and odd months that it has been out, MW3 on the other hand has sold 13.79 million units in the 5 months since its release.
I don't think there's a decline just yet, if VGC is to be trusted that is.

StanLee2375d ago (Edited 2375d ago )

@ Hufanpuf

I don't know where you're getting your information from but Activision announced that Modern Warfare 3 had outsold Black Ops only 3 months after its launch. MW3 is selling slower now than Black Ops did at this time last year, but I think that's because most of MW3's sales were front loaded.

Hufandpuf2374d ago

Gametrailers says different:

Modern Warfare 3 are off by 4.2 percent, behind Black Ops' figures.

Sales are slowing!

CanadianTurtle2375d ago

Uhhhh.... nope.

MW3 has sold more than Black Ops.

But the game is broken though. Its very rage enducing. Not because I suck at it, its just the maps are so poorly layed out and the spawn system does not help either.

Why in hell would Acticvision even let a new developer take charge of their flagship title's online is my question

GraveLord2374d ago

Uh, it DID pass Black Ops in sales. And its only been out for 5 months.

Call of Duty is STILL growing each every year. It hasn't reached its peak yet. If MW3 was the peak, we wouldn't know until this time next year.

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Stuart57562375d ago

I can't wait for sales to drop, when Guitar Hero sales slumped greedy old Bobby Turned to COD, but has he got something else to fall back on and milk, no! The end is near!

MrGunny942375d ago

In terms of quality for me? Yeah.. CoD4 was the last good COD game

TopDudeMan2375d ago

It will always be the best because it was fresh and new back then. It was like nothing else out there. But now, after playing pretty much 4 of the same game (I'm not counting waw because the guns were dramatically different in that one) it's getting old, now. I'd like to see it do something crazy and change it all up rather than it die, though.

Menaus2375d ago

I hope to God it really is in decline.

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