'Halo 4' multiplayer loadout system and permanent sprint explained by 343

XMNR: Halo 4 is not just launching a new trilogy for the premier Xbox franchise but it is also making some significant changes to the classic multiplayer component. 343 Industries lead multiplayer designer Brad Welch explained why 343 Industries is introducing the new loadout system and how sprinting went from an armor ability to permanent fixture.

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Titanz2374d ago

"Some" shooters actually benefit themselves amongst the rest of tps/fps genre, because of it.

Perfect Dark Zero would've been a better title.

aviator1892374d ago

I just can't wait to see a video with all of it in action.

SITH2374d ago

Assualt rifle and shotgun everytime all the time will be my load out.

lategamer2374d ago

Shotgun may be considered a power weapon, so instead of loadouts it may spawn on the map.

We'll probably get choices of Rifles (i.e. Assault Rifle, Carbine, BR, DMR, Plasma Rifle, etc.) and Pistols (Plasma, etc.) as primary and secondary weapon.(IMO)

It'll be interesting to see what 343i does.

SITH2374d ago

Never has been considered a power weapon and never will be. I absolutely do not see why you would think otherwise.

DarkBlood2374d ago

prehaps it has to do with the instant ish kill upclose to be considered a power weapon as any other gun would take quite a few seconds to kill you

which is just enough time to run up to them and shoot them in the face with it as well as melee them immediatly after if its not a instant kill in most cases

lategamer2374d ago

Huh, according to the new Sparkcast CQB weapons will be part of load out. It'll be interesting to see how this turns out.

2374d ago
-Alpha2374d ago (Edited 2374d ago )

This "unlock weapons and customize loadout" thing has me real pissy. And I totally disagree with the "it brings variety" argument. I hope a shotgun is considered a power weapon, since you cant spawn with power weapons.

I really hate the idea of a team spawning with a needler, I'd miss picking these things up across the map as opposed to using the generic "make a loadout" system. It doesn't bring variety as far as I'm concerned, it brings more randomness with players trying to etch out a spawn-and-play style as opposed to the controlled "Chess" concept of Halo I liked.

life doomer2374d ago (Edited 2374d ago )

do you realize how stupid you sound. How do you know your going to spawn with a needler when the weapons aren't confirmed yet. What do you mean that the loadout system doesn't bring variety because it certainly does.You think playing with the same guns in every game brings variety? Oh yeah, stop judging it before you play it because it really shows how much of a closed minded individual you really are and not willing to accept change. Who knows, this could be the best halo yet.
edit: @kingnick
kaveti6616 is right. Just by adding a few elements from cod doesn't me that the game has turned to a cod wanabee. It may perhaps improve gameplay from what i hear. Besides, many shooters implemented elements from cod yet, they weren't being criticized as being cod clones as much as halo 4. Another thing, why is kaveti getting disagrees and you are getting agree even though kaveti is right. Man, this site is run by ignorant people.

but with the right balance, it may very well be fair and rely solely on skill.

dark-hollow2374d ago

i agree with alpha.
the balance would be played like rock paper scissors, which really doesnt hold a candle to the way halo 3 was balanced out.

Septic2374d ago (Edited 2374d ago )

I'm sorry life doomer but you're the one sounding stupid by being so overly defensive about Alpha's comments.

You sound like a bit of a noob at Halo too because Alpha raises good points. Controlling weapon spawns requires skill and team coordination as opposed to holding the players hand and giving them a 'power' weapon like a shotgun or needler from the get go. Alpha isn't being close-minded, he's airing concerns about a gameplay element that doesn't sound appealing to him. Where in his post does it say that he's judging the game prematurely? True fans don't just bend over and swallow the hype. Us Halo fans, those with some modicum of competitive integrity are excited yet weary at the same time.

I'm sorry but you are the one that sounds ignorant. Halo's multiplayer is very unique. Jumping on the much abused Call of Duty bandwagon would most likely do more damage than good. Halo's multiplayer component is far superior and unique to something like Killzone and just observe how negatively COD affected the latter title.

So relax and accept other people's concerns. I myself cannot wait to play Halo 4 yet its precisely because of my passion for the franchise that I'll approach any news on it with excitement and a sense of trepidation as well. 343 industries needs gamers like us.

morganfell2374d ago (Edited 2374d ago )

If this effort works all comes down to one thing. Whether or not someone can bury their ego...if it becomes necessary.

Bungie was and is a master of play testing. They are one of the best studios ever at picking the right people to evaluate and then interpreting multiplayer data in order to find game balance. If this method is carried over to 343 by people like Frankie then none of us have anything to worry about. It used to be Tyson Green's department but hopefully this system was passed on.

The issue I have is there has been no word of external play testing having been taking place already and that is where true balance is discovered, not by using internal studio personnel. 343 have made some bold statement s and changes to go with it.

If the setup goes to public beta and it does not work and 343 is willing to admit an error then we will all have great MP awaiting us come this fall. If not then the game is in serious trouble. Implementing something for the sake of change is a dangerous thing and the unwillingness to admit an error even more so.

But if this works it will be exactly the shot in the arm the series needed.

KeiserSosay47882374d ago

I agree COMPLETLEY, dude. I'm "ok" with sprint, but LOADOUTS? HELL NO, everyone should start with the same weapons and fight for control of power weapons/control the map. THAT IS HALO; Not this spawn/play COD crap. I'll wait and see how it turns out, but right now I'm scared that another favorite franchise of mine is being changed for the worse.

kaveti66162374d ago

The random weapon respawn is going to operate under a predictable pattern, according to Frank O' Connor on Neogaf.

Basically, it means that you'll still be able to control respawn points but it'll force you and your team to move around the map more multiple times during the match.

It's a bit more tedious but it's not as irritating as I thought it was going to be when I first read about the feature.

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