Game Creation: Programming

"After doing some pretty amateur game development over the past seven years I decide to share some knowledge on game development programming for beginners. As well as an important and very valuable resource to use!" -

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Snookies122380d ago

This is really cool! Thanks for sharing!

juanvan2378d ago

Wonders when it will be a pay site - but it is very cool with out having an IDE or other app to use :)
Lot of Java/HTML/CSS stuff.

eindeadmiles2378d ago

It seems to be community-driven so hopefully not :3

franwex2378d ago

At first I thought it was a shameless advertisement; but after actually clicking on the site I'll have to say it is pretty neat. Even if it is advertisement I don't mind. Good find for those people needing a little coding honing.

eindeadmiles2378d ago

It's actually not an advertisement LOL I just really love that site and recommend it to all people who want to start making games :)

MrMister2378d ago

I know this is off topic, but: Is there a similar site like this, but for music? Anyone know?

juanvan2377d ago

There are some free/cheap music creation software that are easy to pick up on. Fruit Loops/Cool Edit.