Developers Face A No-Win Situation With Downloadable Content

No matter what developers release as downloadable content, they can never avoid the skeptics and cynics. It's just a damned if you do, damned if you don't situation.

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Snookies122466d ago

I like DLC, as long as it's reasonably priced for what you're getting... A costume for a character should be no more than a dollar. An add-on character shouldn't be any more than 5 dollars, and an expansion shouldn't go above 15 dollars. Throw in some free things to make people happy, and it'll all be good.

Godchild10202466d ago (Edited 2466d ago )

Only a hand full of games that I own have done DLC right. GTA IV, RDR, Mortal Kombat, Kingdoms of Amalur, infamous 2, burnout paradise, midnight club and many others. Don't get me wrong some of it could have been in the game before hand but others just felt right when they were released.

I can't wait to see Borderlands 2 and Darkiders 2 DLC. Gravity rush seems to be a good one with the added DLC. I think it's the way the developer pushes the content onto the consumer and if the game was fun to play to warrant the DLC, did it come at the right time and stuff along those lines.

kasasensei2466d ago

You forget all one or two things, people.
When the respective networks (steam, psn or xbl, especially the consoles networks obviously), will be down, you won't be able to access, unlock or download everything you paid for...

There is no warranty that you will be able to use your paid content forever, so "the less there is DLC, the better it is".

Another problem is the dlc with online components (MP maps) that not longer works after the publisher killed the online part.

.... two big problems that people ignore because we're still in this gen, but in a few years.... you will sing another song.

Deadpool6162466d ago

I don't mind DLC as long as it's made after the initial production of the game. They can plan for the DLC during that production time, but I don't want them working on DLC while the main game isn't even finished. I want their full attention on the main product for that can be the best it can be. Then work on the DLC when the main game is Gold.