Dust 514 Dev considers Vita controls

Dust 514 has interesting plans for tying the PlayStation 3 shooter with the PC MMO EVE Online. But the cross-platform pitch may be getting even more ambitious, with recent hints that the game could use the PS Vita as a controller.

"Once you get your hands on the Vita, you can imagine it as a controller for your Dust experience," he said. "Suddenly you can think about all the things you can do with that screen."

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MultiConsoleGamer2376d ago

The Vita has so much potential to be the ultimate controller. I welcome anyone considering this option.

TekoIie2376d ago (Edited 2376d ago )

Yes but were gonna get people who dont own a vita saying "Oh they have an advantage over me and they're dicks" like with the Move on KZ3 when in fact it offered no advantage at all but actually made the game harder (not saying that'll be the case with Vita but you'll always find someone to rant about something)...

No matter what people will be "YES do it" but when it happens its theres gonna be trolling in every Dust article after release.

catfrog2375d ago

keyboard/mouse is said to be supported for dust 514 on ps3, so thats a thing

MrGunny942376d ago

Indeed..I'm enjoying alot my vita and what we really need is Multiplayer games.. Resistance Burning Skies is gonna be awesome!

SandWitch2376d ago

Future PS3 games and all PS4 games must use Vita as an enhanced controller IMO. Just imagine you are playing GTA 5 using Vita as controller and map is displayed on Vita's screen. Would be awesome usage, something like DS's second screen or Wii U's tablet.

TekoIie2376d ago (Edited 2376d ago )

Do you mean you HAVE to use it or optional? Im good for it as an option but if its mandatory it wouldnt be convenient on pricing.

MasterCornholio2376d ago

This might be the first game to bring a WiiU like experience to a platform. That's pretty neat and if I pick up dust I have to try it.


r212376d ago

wait ps vita's already been used as a controller for LBP?

r212376d ago

read the article, it says somewhere down that sony already showed ps vita acting as a controller for LBP2, apparently. dont remember seeing it happen though.

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