[Twinfinite] Dark Souls for PC is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things

Dark Souls is kind of a big deal. After much fan campaigning, it was recently announced on the Dark Souls Facebook page that the game was going to be released on PC with some extra content. It’s a pretty big win for PC gamers; the game was practically begging to be on the PC platform anyway. However celebration was extremely short lived as it was announced that the game will be utilizing Games For Windows Live instead of the more popular Steam. Commence the whining!

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Snookies122375d ago

Anger... Hate... Well, I might have gotten it had it been on Steam. Though I guess I'll just wait for the console version to drop a bit more in price before picking it up.

caboose322375d ago

It's not like it won't be on steam. Plenty of GFWL games are on steam.

GamingPerson2375d ago (Edited 2375d ago )

funny thing is if it is on steam with gfwl it will sell.. like aoe on steam. fanboys..

Snookies122375d ago

I'm no fanboy, I just prefer using Steam for my games. Is that so bad? I don't want to have three different kinds of services i.e. (Steam, Origin, etc.) to play different games. I like them all in one spot. Not to mention all my friends are on Steam, and I'm used to the interface.

ThanatosDMC2375d ago

The thing i dont like about GFWL games is that you cant play the game properly without it. It doesnt let you save your games nor play it online. I hate being forced to install anything i dont like to play a game i want to play.

lelo2play2375d ago

Gamers whine !!!

PC fanboys whine about GFWL.
PS3/X360 fanboys whine about the extra DLC the PC is receiving.
Vita\WiiU fanboys whine because they want it on that console.


Letros2375d ago

"I don’t have access to sales figures so I can’t comment on the viability of it one way or another. However there are definitely people that have little to no issues with the service because they are still in business."

Here you go,

Megaton2375d ago (Edited 2375d ago )

Thought Warner Bros. and Crapcom were the only two publishers still being bought off to jam GFWL into their PC games. Most realize there's more money in Steamworks from users simply appreciating you not shoehorning a crappy service into their game.

Is this really going to be the new trend? Whenever anyone speaks up about something they don't like, even something as universally hated as GFWL, bloggers are going to fire up their greasy keyboards and slap together an N4G-ready, fan-smearing turd about how everyone who holds a legitimate concern is simply a "whiner"? It's a terrible service. It should have been removed from all PC games long ago.

StayStatic2375d ago (Edited 2375d ago )

+1 Well said Megaton

DragonKnight2375d ago

The Mass Effect 3 ending fiasco is going to give these pseudo-journalists ammunition forever. I predict it being brought up and hyperlinked infinitely as a weapon to use against gamers who have a gripe with something.

ferelinstincts2375d ago

Don't get me wrong, I would prefer the game to be available on Steam. Simply because I prefer to just have one application for my games and not 3 (Steam, Origin & GFWL) but it doesn't bother me to the point where I'm not going to buy the game because of it.

When I first played the game, I was addicted to it and I have every intention of getting it for the PC so I can access the extra content and play the game in true 1080p at 60FPS instead of sub-720p at 10FPS on the console version.

Yes, Dark Souls not being available on Steam is a bit of a pain in the ass but c'mon people, don't let that hinder your decision to purchase a fantastic game. : )

Ducky2375d ago (Edited 2375d ago )

I don't think the question is about DarkSouls being available on Steam. GFWL doesn't hold a monopoly over its games, and you can buy them from other digital retailers. ArkhamCity, GTAIV, and Fallout3 are some examples of games that use GFWL but are available on steam.

The problem is that GFWL is essentially a useless piece of software. It only serves as a mandatory annoyance.
I use an offline profile for all games that require GFWL simply because going online is just a mess with it.

specialguest2375d ago

I understand the passionate hate for GFWL, but I don't get why anyone would lose out on playing a game they petitioned to get ported to the PC. If you truly wanted to play Dark Souls, then man the f**k up and support From Sofware/Namco who only decided to port this due to high interest. Now you want to back stab them after they granted your wish?? Using GFWL may be an inconvenience, but the game will still work and play the way it supposed to play.

chadachada1232375d ago

The problem would be if this version gets some of the same bugs that Fallout 3 and Bioshock 2 got: corrupted save files after tens of hours of gameplay. I'd be pissed as hell if I lost a character because of GFWL's crappy service.

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