Could an Apple and Valve Union Spell Doom For The Big 3?

T-Hill writes: So I know this was brought up the other day but I think many might not have realized how impactful on the gaming industry this could be. Anyone who knows Apple is sure to be aware that right now they have the public eye of the entire world for their iProducts. Unless you have been living under a rock for several years now you would be aware of how Valve and its Steam service have simply dominated the digital gaming distribution market.

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MultiConsoleGamer2375d ago

Always three there are. No more. No less.

Nintendo = Disney of Gaming
Microsoft = Scrappy American Upstart
Sony = Pioneers of Digital Entertainment

One will drop out. The question is... which one.

StrongMan2375d ago (Edited 2375d ago )

Microsoft will be the one to drop out next gen if they think the casuals that bought Kinect will spend $400-$500 on the next Xbox next year. The core will turn their backs on MS next gen just like MS turned their backs on the core gamers ever since Kinect was released and they shifted all of their focus on Kinect. Halo don't sell like it used to and with a new studio CODifying Halo it will only get worse. Fable is now casual Kinect fodder, Forza 4 saw a huge drop off in sales compared to Forza 3 and the Gears trilogy is over. So............

jdktech20102375d ago

Isn't MS ahead of Sony? To go from nothing to ahead of Sony isn't too shabby in two gens. MS is poised to leap ahead of Sony in the next gen but I have a feeling Sony won't let that happen without a serious fight.

I'm looking forward to all the new consoles and this is actually the first time I'm legitimately interested in a nintendo console since the gamecube (when (I was like 12)

Soldierone2375d ago

I don't think it will be MS. MS hates Apple as much as us gamers hate the idea of Apple pretending to be a game company.

MS will go head to head with them, tooth and nail. I think if Apple enters the market, their focus will be casual titles which is Nintendo's market.

If anything Nintendo and Sony will team up since they are both Japanese, or it will be one of them that jumps ship. IF Sony's next console slumps, which i HIGHLY doubt it will, they could be the one in question.

I think overall if there is eventually 4, the one stepping out will be the one that came in....Apple. They will most likely just disappear under radar like OnLive. it's clear actual gamers don't want their business ways.

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dark-hollow2375d ago

how ms will drop when the 360 and especially kinect was a huge success for them?

Tai_Kaliso2374d ago

You are such a troll, Microsoft will capture the core audience the same way next generation as they did this one.
Microsoft is the only company to currently offer a premium online service, people will continue to flock to that to fulfill their gaming needs.

How is Halo not selling like it used to? Arguably the newer Halo games are outpacing the original Halo games by a large margin. With Master Chief back in the picture and the huge marketing campaign to match, you can count on Halo 4 to be the biggest and best selling exclusive this year. What exclusive from any company will top it?

As for your claim of Halo getting the COD treatment, that argument might work for lesser games like Killzone 3, Battlefield, Medal Of Honor and Resistance 2, but Halo has a much larger fanbase and doesn't need to follow suit, just so you know, COD didn't invent load outs and Halo is a far cry from a COD clone in a lot of ways.

Microsoft shifted focus to Kinect towards the end of an extended life cycle, but the core games like Battlefield, Halo, Gears, Call Of Duty, still sell better on the Xbox 360, so I guess all of those core gamers will jump ship next generation by your logic?

You honestly don't think we'll see more Gears Of War next generation?

I have yet to see any numbers from Forza 4, I know Forza 3 sold really well once the Platinum Edition came out with all the DLC, why wouldn't 4 pick up when it does the same? Still the best quality racing sim on the market.

Fable The Journey isn't Fable 4, Lionhead is hiring and will probably put out a proper Fable 4 to launch the next Xbox or there soon after.

Last I checked, Microsoft as a company wasn't bleeding money from every orifice. I don't think any of the current 3 will leave the console market anytime soon, but clearly Sony is in the worst shape lately, they took a big gamble on 3-D and that didn't pan out.

All Microsoft has done is capture North America, produce the fastest selling electronic device of all time and gives us great games and the best online available.

Doubt they want to leave all of that on the table.

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stragomccloud2375d ago

Honestly, I'm putting my money on Microsoft. Plus a lot of investors want Microsoft out of the games hardware business. Sony is an industry leader in so many facets, and Nintendo, Nintendo will just be around forever. Heck they've already been around since 1889, and their franchises since the 1980's are the most enduring game franchises of all time(short as that time may be).

badz1492375d ago

Apple = overprice and release a slight upgrade of their products every year! how can anyone really believe that they will come out with a console that should stay the same for several years on the market is beyond me!

Valve = familiar with fan service, using old engine for their games for years both are not compatible to Apple's practices IMO!

no matter how you see it, this is a mismatch that will never happen!

modesign2375d ago

nintendo, nintendo cant afford to make fads anymore.

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Crap_Turtle2375d ago

its a freaking false made up rumor

stragomccloud2375d ago

It's not even a rumor. It's just speculation.

Megaman_nerd2375d ago

Unless they offer games that can't be played anywhere else I really don't see how could they be relevant. Is not like Valve is gonna abandon the PC just like that either....

StrongMan2375d ago

If people line up for city blocks to pay $600 for an iphone every 6 months then surely they'd pay that for an iconsole too. I think an Apple console would work. It won't be a Zune like failure for sure.

8bit_Nes_Rambo2375d ago

Sure just like Apple's Pippin.

3GenGames2375d ago

But at that point in time, Apple devices didn't have the idiot following they do know that obey all their commands. It'd sell, it's just how many people could be talking into buying the over priced POS's they make....and if you look at their iPhones, possibly a decent amount.

dark-hollow2375d ago (Edited 2375d ago )

first off its an iphone every year, in contrast with the million HTCs. SAMSUNGs phones that get released on a monthly bases.

second it is priced as any other high end smartphone.

last, i laugh at the people who thinks apple will price it 1000$!!! do you think apple are idiots?

they know very well the market they are getting into better than a lot of other companies.

the iphone, ipad is priced right for a high end smartphone/tablet.

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