9.0 - Avenger Review (Xbox360 Version)

Written by Joseph Caballero - After the tremendous fail from Ocean Marketting (see what I did there!), many of you forgot the entire reason for the incident, the Avenger itself. It was probably easy to say that even though the disaster was viewed negatively it however prompt some to have much interest in the Avenger. Now aside from that, I’d like to mention that the new PR that provided this sample for reviewing purposes was absolutely generous and friendly. Regardless, in what was easily the strangest accessory I have seen or ever used for any controller, the Avenger was actually the most beneficial to my gaming skills. The whole idea that gaming without the need to take your fingers off the analog stick is brilliant, not only did it help with first person shooters in reloading or swapping weapons it also felt nicely well designed for looking a bit confusing.

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